Volunteer a few hours of your time and come hang out with the TNO’s creative team! 

We are always looking for volunteers. There are 3 options available: 


- Volunteers who welcome TNO spectators play an important role.
- They arrive 90 minutes before a performance to help us set up, brew the coffee, prepare the evening programs and welcome our guests.
- They are on the frontline when it comes to greeting spectators and tearing tickets.
- They have special places reserved for them in our studio. They also provide assistance to people who must exit during a performance or if an emergency arises.
- A volunteer can expect to invest approximately 2.5 hours of his or her time per evening (from 6:30 to 9 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday).
- Dress code: black pants, sweater or blouse. 

Bar (18+) 

- Bar attendants serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages before and after a performance and during intermissions, if required.
- Bar attendants can attend a performance, free of charge, if seating is available in the studio.
- They arrive 1 hour before a performance and stay until spectators leave the TNO.
- A volunteer can expect to invest approximately 2 to 4 hours of his or her time per evening (from 7 to 10 or 11 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday).
- A Smart Serve certification is required to work at the bar. The TNO can provide such training free of charge.
- Dress code: black pants, shirt, sweater or blouse. 

Bingo (bilingualism required) 

- TNO volunteers at the Boardwalk Gaming Centre act as runners during bingo games.
- Two TNO volunteers are required to work approximately 2 hours by the Boardwalk Gaming Centre.
- Volunteers check winning cards, bring a flag over to the winners and keep the venue clean.
- The Boardwalk Gaming Centre provides training and supervision for newcomers.
- Dress code: black pants, TNO sweater (provided free of charge) and black flat shoes.
- Be advised that bingo is a fast-paced game. Volunteers aren’t called runners for nothing! 


So come and join our community of volunteers!
To volunteer or learn more, get in touch with our Development Officer at (705) 525-5606, ext. 5, or write to developpement@leTNO.ca.

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