February 22 – February 24

Le château intérieur

In-house production

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a francophone theatre production company. All of our productions are presented in French, however, some shows feature English Surtitles™ so that more people can experience French theatre! We apologize, but not all content on this site is available in English.


Actor Pier Paquette invites you into his château intérieur, his interior castle, or if you prefer, his soul, where literary works that have shaped his life and remain with him to this day are preserved. Monologues, poems and stories are brought together in a bouquet, in a performance infused with profound humanity. An ode to the writings that inspire us to laugh, cry and reflect. Words that leave an indelible mark on us. Scripts that sometimes change our lives.

*This play contains some English texts.


Nostalgia theatre for the general public 

Jukebox theatre 

One-man show: feel-good theatre, theatre to make you dream, theatre to warm a winter’s day


Location: La Grande Salle, Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury
Duration: 75 minutes, without intermission

Spokesperson: Alexandre Matte, storyteller, public speaker, public speaking trainer, accountant, actor, trainer, presenter and much more!

*Please note that Alexandre is not in the show

Ages: 14+


  • Ideation and Performance
    • Pier Paquette
  • Texts
    • Claude Guilmain
    • Victor Hugo
    • Justin Laramée
    • Pier Paquette
    • Robert Walser
  • Stage Conceptualisation
    • Claude Guilmain
    • Louise Naubert
  • Stage Manager of Creation
    • Pierre Paul Mongeon
  • Lighting
    • Guillaume Houët-Brisebois
  • Sound Design
    • Daniel Bédard
  • Technical Direction
    • Anne Parent
A Production by

“I am fundamentally a performer. My art consists in taking someone’s words and putting them into the ear of someone else, in this case the audience. And to achieve this, I have to make the words my own; they have to become a second skin. For the actor, the metamorphosis occurs when the word becomes embodied… That is theatre.” – Pier Paquette

Ti-Jean de mon pays : Nicole Beauchamp, Pier Paquette, Robert Marinier et Paulette Légère (Crédit : Jean-Marie Comeau)

5 fun facts to get to know Pier Paquette

  • Pier is originally from Sudbury.
  • He is musician Robert Paquette’s brother!
  • He made his theatrical debut with TNO, appearing in the play Ti-Jean de mon pays, which toured across Canada in 1977.
  • He has also appeared in a number of popular series, including Un gars, une fille, District 31 and, most recently, Avant le crash, which won Best Drama Series at the Gémeaux Awards (2023)!
  • Do you know Louis the Otter from Sesame Street? Well, Pier was behind the character!

The TNO would like to acknowledge Studio 123’s contribution as a show partner.

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