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Mandate and Mission

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (TNO) develops, creates, presents, hosts and promotes contemporary theatrical works, with an emphasis on Franco-Ontarian dramaturgy.

Rooted in the heart of the Greater Sudbury community, TNO produces and presents theatrical initiatives primarily in French that reach a diverse audience. Driven by an assertive artistic vision that takes a frank look at today’s world, both here and abroad, TNO’s activities demonstrate that theatre is an integral part of a society in effervescence.


Openness: Attentive to its community, TNO is interested in and curious about different approaches and realities. TNO is open to hearing divergent ideas as long as the discussion is respectful.

Inclusion: TNO respects and values the diversity of voices, and makes every effort to ensure that different groups in society feel heard and represented by its work.

Solidarity: TNO stands in solidarity with artists, artisans, cultural workers and, more broadly, with the various social groups that make Greater Sudbury live and flourish. This solidarity is reflected in its policies, as well as in some of its programming choices.

Continuous improvement: TNO is driven by a constant desire to improve the way it does things, and to offer the most relevant theatrical programming possible to its audiences.

Ecoresponsible committee

Although the TNO team has long been committed to environmental responsibility, an internal ecoresponsible committee was officially launched this season. The team is working towards ecoresponsible accreditation for its venue and office spaces. It’s a long-term process that will enable us to think more deeply and act in ways that are even more respectful of the environment. 

Among the procedures chosen, the team will continue to favour local foods to offer the artists it welcomes, as well as for the office. The use of reusable dishes and utensils continues to be encouraged, as does the use of reusable bottles. The team has also installed a water dispenser in its production center. LED lighting now replaces incandescent lighting.  

The committe will continue to work together to establish and enforce new ecoresponsible approaches! 

Artistic Vision

The TNO’s artistic vision, which guides its Artistic Director Marie-Pierre Proulx, is based on daring and original programming made accessible to audience members through various awareness and contextual activities in order to enrich their theatrical experience. Its programming tends towards works that address social issues and the human condition and offer sometimes sensitive and sometimes critical – but always deeply human – perspectives on our world and times. Special attention is given to programming to ensure a high level of artistic quality, accessibility and openness to the best work from across the country. The Artistic Director’s goal is to introduce TNO audiences to different artistic approaches from home and abroad. Its theatre seasons not only serve all age groups, but also include artistically stimulating and accessible works.

The Team

Marie-Pierre Proulx

Artistic Director

Hanna Dumanska

Administrative Director

Céline Lepage

Production Director

Priscilla Pilon

Communications Coordinator

Jasmine Morin


Lynne Lalande

Finance Officer

Maxime Cayouette

Mediation and Public Development Coordinnator

Studio 123

Agency of Record

Board of Directors

Linda Dugas


Joanne Huneault


Karine Arsenault


Alexis Fong


Mohammed El Mendri


Emilie Irvoas


Diane Labelle


Roxanne Langemann


Athanase Simbagoye


Our History

The TNO was founded in 1971, during French Ontario’s “cultural revolution”. This period of creativity, identity-building and mobilization, centred in northeastern Ontario, revitalized cultural life in French-speaking Ontario. It was the era of playwright, songwriter and singer André Paiement, Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel-Ontario and the creation of CANO-musique, La Nuit sur l’Étang, Les Éditions Prise de parole, La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, La Ruche des artistes, and of course, the TNO, which Paiement led until his death in 1978.

In the 1980s, the arrival of Brigitte Haentjens as Artistic Director and Jean Marc Dalpé, author, breathed new life into the TNO, which at the time was nothing but a few boxes in an administrator’s basement. The biggest success of this period was the creation of Le Chien, a drama by Jean-Marc Dalpé, who won the 1988 Governor General’s Award with this play. In the 1990s, Artistic Director Sylvie Dufour took the opportunity to rebuild the TNO’s pool of writers. French Town, by Michel Ouellette, produced by the TNO, won the Governor General’s Award in 1994. Then, in 1997, the TNO achieved its long-term dream with the construction of its own theatre space (Salle André-Paiement), finally giving it a home and quality tools to develop its projects, build its audience and attract additional partners.

Its opening and the arrival in the same period of André Perrier as Artistic Director marked the start of a new era for the TNO. Since the dawn of the 21st century, the TNO’s success has continued to grow. The production Du Pépin à la Fissure won the Masque award for best Franco-Canadian Production in 2001, as did the co-production Univers in 2003. The TNO presented a major 67-performance tour of Ontario, Québec and France with its co-production Violette sur la terre.

In June 2004, the TNO announced the arrival of Geneviève Pineault as its Artistic Director. In 2005-2006, Exit(s), co-produced with Ottawa’s Théâtre la Catapulte, criss-crossed Ontario and was nominated for the Dora Mavor Moore Awards in Toronto in the Best Touring Production category.  In 2007, the TNO was a finalist for Ontario’s newly-created Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. The TNO’s 2014-2015 season is particularly notable seeing the theatre was awarded The Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, which came with a $50 000 reward.



Crédit photo : Stunik Médias

At the dawn of the 2017-2018 season, Marie-Pierre Proulx becomes the artistic director and general co-director of the TNO. The author and scenographer bring a wave of fresh air to the theatre company.

Throughout its 45 years of existence, the TNO has garnered numerous local and national awards and distinctions, including two Masques awarded by Québec’s Académie du théâtre as well as the 2014 Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Place des Arts

The TNO is a proud partner of Place des Arts, which brings together the seven member organizations of the ROCS (Regroupement des organismes cutlurels de Sudbury), including the TNO, under the same roof in the heart of downtown Sudbury.

To keep up to date with everything that is happening at Place des Arts, please consult its website.