Show Extras 

The TNO continues to offer multiple initiatives in conjunction with the 2023-2024 programming. This season, we are offering numerous artistic mediation activities. These are all organized around each of the season’s shows. 


Craft and Story Time 

You’d love to attend a show but you’re having issues finding a sitter? Take advantage of this initiative, offered during some performances from our Adult Series. Accompanied by our team of facilitators, children from ages 3 to 12 will be kept occupied while the grown-ups enjoy a play! Kids can expect a story time, a fun craft, and even a tasty healthy snack! This free program has limited space and is reserved for those attending the Saturday matinees from our Adult Series.  

Reserve your child’s spot while booking your own tickets online or by calling the Box Office at 705 885-1076. 


The TNO is proud to offer English-language Surtitles on select shows and times. We have been presenting award-winning French-language live theatre for over 40 years, but now with Surtitles, we can offer performances to a wider audience of theatre enthusiasts! 

About Surtitles   

Surtitles are translated or transcribed lyrics or dialogue projected on a screen above the stage. This technology, which is frequently used for opera and is now gaining popularity in live theatre, allows us to project an English translation of the play on a screen above the set. The projections are done simultaneously which means that English-speaking audience members can enjoy French theatre… in English! 

Word by Word Translation or adaptations for Surtitles™ 

When following Surtitles™, you may notice that we do not always project a literal English-language translation of the text spoken in French by the actors. From time to time, you may also notice that the actors are still speaking but that you have already finished reading the text on the screen. This is all normal and part of the Surtitles™ experience. Surtitles™ are a capsulized translation of the play. Therefore, the objective is to summarize, when possible, the text while still accurately reflecting the author’s original work. This allows the audience to read the English-language text quickly and enjoy the actors’ performances. 

If an English version of the play already exists, the work of summarizing is applied, regardless. It is therefore important to note that what you are reading is an adapted version of the script done specifically for Surtitles™. 

Positioning of the Screen 

The Surtitles™ screen location can vary from one show to the next. Its position is determined by the set and the lighting. We avoid casting a huge shadow on the stage or on the actors. Once the screen’s location has been set, TNO staff sit in different sections of the theatre to identify rows better suited for viewing Surtitles™.  

Some Tricks When Attending a Performance With Surtitles™ 

  1. Read the Surtitles™ quickly and then look down to catch the actor’s performance. Doing this will become easier with time. You’ll settle into your own pace and be able to read and follow the action on stage. 
  1. Arrive early to make sure you find a seat in the theatre’s recommended “Surtitles™ section” (no assigned seating). Don’t hesitate to ask us! 

*Surtitles were invented by the Canadian Opera Company in 1983 and introduced globally with their production of Elektra by Richard Strauss 

After show Q&A  

After some performances, as part of our Adult Series, you have the option to stay and talk with the artists!  How did they come up with their ideas? What inspired them? What will they work on next? This 20-minute discussion (in French) will give you an insight into their creative process and what goes on behind the scenes! 


Why should the end of the show get to be the end of the evening? After the shows of our Adult Series, let’s celebrate LA FIN together! Each FIN will be a unique event, so stay tuned. 😉