Message From the Artistic Director (2018-2019)

You are here. At the start of a memorable journey through a new season of theatre at the TNO. At a crossroads of stirring stories, vivid emotions and moments of poignant humanity. In the echo of resounding words. At the shock point of conflicting ideas. On the threshold of dreams.

You are here. In a small theatre that opens onto a vast world. From here, you can follow the winding paths of imagination, escape from daily life, get lost in thought and find yourself fascinated.

Each in their own way, the artists and plays that the TNO will welcome this season draw a map of life as they explore your concerns, hopes and dreams. As you travel through the season, they will shed light on today’s realities and point the way to hoped-for change.

From here, you will journey to the Nevada desert and to the uncertain limits of your convictions. From here, you will fall from the nest with a curious fledgeling and plunge into complicated family relationships. From here, we’ll go elsewhere and experience it together. For you are here in your theatre, a special place of shared presence.

Thank you for being here.

Marie-Pierre Proulx

Message From the Artistic Director (2019-2020)

We inhabit landscapes; they inhabit us. Landscapes live in the eye of the beholder. They offer their unique perspectives on the world. New points of view bring new frames of mind. Whether the horizon is of hills or spruce, of promise or perplexity, the landscape beckons, inspires and gives meaning to our presence.

Theatre is like that, too.

Each in its own way, our season’s productions proffer the beauty and mystery of our natural and social world. You will lose yourself in immensity to experience liberty. You will tower over tininess to sense the scope of boundless dreams. You will experience fascinating new forms of dramatic expression. You will feel the familiarity of unfamiliar places. Our season is an album of worldviews that come alive before you and within you.

Our byword this year is “enter the landscape.” It may be strange or familiar, oceanic or Nordic, luminous or mysterious, enchanting or troubling, dreamlike or playful. But without fail, it will be moving and inspiring.

Open your eyes to our world. What you’ll see is yourself.

Marie-Pierre Proulx