Message From the Artistic Director (2021-2022)

This is it. The time has come.

Time to gently piece together the theatre pieces swept away by a pandemic wind.

Time to craft a brand-new theatre season, full of things we can’t wait to show you.

Time to pack up our little theatre boxes and bring them over to a new home shared with likeminded friends, where we’re looking forward to having you over. Soon.

Time to delve deep within ourselves. To piece together our shaken existence, seeing people on stage learning to own their stories once more.

Time to see each other again. To recognize familiar faces. To discover new ones. To create much-needed reference points. Together. This is it. The time has come.

To put ourselves back together again.
One piece at a time.
One meet-up at a time.
One theatre date at a time.

Never missing a show.
Or carefully selecting each one.
To each their own pace.
To each their own place.

See you soon,
Marie-Pierre and the TNO team

Marie-Pierre Proulx