November 3 – November 4

Le poids des fourmis

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Powerless citizens, indignation, eco-anxiety, abuse of power. What can theatre offer as a solution? Perhaps these humans, gathered here, can spark a discussion. A discussion nourished by sensibility, by the meeting of bodies, by astonishing aesthetics, uncomfortable words and distorted realities.

The weight of the world lies heavy on Jeanne and Olivier. She vandalizes ads. He dreams of his generation being burned like marshmallows. Then, a school election is organized as part of the shamefully underfunded Future Week. Catalyzed by the hope that they can make a difference, the two face off in an election campaign filled with fiery speeches, ninja treks, collusion and g***amn unicorns.   

Le poids des fourmis juggles issues of citizen mobilization, global angst and abuse of power with scathing humour. Oscillating between a desire for change and crushing pessimism, Le poids des fourmis asks audiences to reflect on the weight they carry on their shoulders, but above all, the weight they carry in the world. 


Theatre for the frustrated teenager in all of us 

Political satire in theatre 

Kitsch and cynicism: theatre that doesn’t take itself (too) seriously 


Location: La Grande Salle, Place des Arts
Duration: 75 minutes, without intermission

Spokesperson: Camille Dillon, High School Student and Activist 


Download our colouring book for our 23-24 season here!


  • Author
    • David Paquet
  • Director
    • Philipe Cyr
  • Cast
    • Lou Savoie-Calmette
    • Dominique Quesnel
    • Gaétan Nadeau
    • Camille Massicotte
  • Assisting Director
    • Vanessa Beaupré
  • Set Designer
    • Odile Gamache
  • Lighting
    • Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
  • Sound Environment
    • Christophe Lamarche
  • Costumes
    • Étienne René-Contant
  • Production Director
    • Émanuelle Kirouac-Sanche
  • Creations Technical Director
    • Mélissa Perron
  • Technical Tour Crew
    • Antoine Breton
  • Co-artistic Directors
    • Mario Borges
    • Joachim Tanguay
A Production by

The TNO wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord and Collège Boréal as show partners.

The TNO wishes to equally acknowledge Les Voyagements – Théâtre de création for the post show Q&A, a mediation activity presented thanks to their support.

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