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Our ticketing service is now managed by Place des Arts.
Please contact them directly to purchase tickets.

Telephone: 705-885-1076

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario offers a new access ticketing formula “PAY WHAT YOU CAN”

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario lets you decide how much you want to pay to access its shows and events. Why?
▪ So that a lack of money doesn’t deprive anyone of a rich and rewarding cultural life.
▪ To bring the entire francophone population together in a supportive, welcoming and lively community.
▪ To support the human right of belonging to a culture and the quality of life that the arts provide.

How to determine your price?
We invite you to lower your ticket price if you have difficulty meeting basic needs such as food, health, lodging or transportation.
How much should you pay? Take a look at these categories and see where you are on the scale.

Free — $0
I am a refugee or seeking asylum; I cannot meet my basic needs; I cannot afford public or private transportation; I don’t always have the money to pay for gas when I have access to a car; I am unemployed or underemployed; I can’t afford to eat out and rarely buy tickets to events or activities; I am eligible to receive government assistance including food banks and social assistance.

Economy Ticket — $15
I sometimes can’t meet my basic needs, but I manage to get by; I can afford public transportation and often private transportation. If I own a car or have access to a car, I can afford to pay for gas; I have a job or steady work; I can afford to eat out and buy tickets to events or activities occasionally; I have some savings.

Regular Ticket—$30
I can easily meet my basic needs; I can afford public and private transportation. If I own a car or have access to a car, I can afford to pay for gas; I have a job or steady ongoing work; I eat out regularly and can afford tickets to events or activities; I have some savings.

Solidarity Ticket—$40
I meet the criteria for a regular ticket; I wish to support the initiative to give back and promote access to art for all.

We’d like to thank Théâtre Cercle Molière in Winnipeg who inspired this new ticketing formula.

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a member of the Coalition for Fair Ticketing, which brings together cultural organizations that wish to reflect on best practices for accessibility in ticketing in order to foster access to art and culture.

Pardon my French!

Our French-language theatre productions are accessible to francophiles and anglophones. Most of our adult shows are presented with English SURTITLESTM.

Toqaq mecimi puwiht/Delphine rêve toujours

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After two years of interruption, our subscription is back! This season, the TNO is offering you an à la carte subscription formula! When you purchase a subscription of 3 shows or more from the 2022-2023 program, you will receive a 25% discount on the “Regular Rate” of our Solidaire box office. Don’t delay! Subscriptions are available until October 8 only. Why subscribe? Here are some of the benefits! :

– You get a great discount on your ticket purchase!!!
– You can exchange your tickets free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled performance;
– You will be able to transfer your tickets to someone else without difficulty if you are no longer able to attend an event (just give your ticket to that person);
– You will get the first news from us via our “subscribers’ newsletter”!
– You will get 1 free ticket to offer to the person of your choice, for the show of your choice!
– You will have the chance to win a free subscription for the following season! A draw will take place at our next launch!

In addition to all this, know that by purchasing a subscription, you are actively supporting the TNO at a time when most sales are made at the very last minute! You become a valuable ally.

*Please note that Vaches, the musical was available in the subscription of The Slague. You can exclude this show from your subscription if you already have your tickets.


-Go to The Point of Sale.
-Click on the little red basket in the lower right corner of the performance you wish to include in your subscription;
-Select the “Regular Rate” from the menu;
-Click on “Continue Shopping”;
-Repeat these steps for all shows you wish to include in your subscription. The 25% discount will be applied starting with the 3rd selection;
-At the last show, click on “Place Order”;
-Enter your personal and payment information, then click on “Confirm”.

Gift Cards

Offering a TNO gift card is an original way to show your loved ones you care! Give them the opportunity to have a memorable theatrical experienceYour friends or relatives will thank youThey are available at the values of your choice.

TNO gift cards are available here!