Please Note

Our ticketing service is managed by Place des Arts.
Please contact them to purchase tickets.


Fair Ticketing

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario lets you decide how much you want to pay to access its shows and events. Why?
▪ So that a lack of money doesn’t deprive anyone of a rich and rewarding cultural life.
▪ To bring the entire francophone population together in a supportive, welcoming and lively community.
▪ To support the human right of belonging to a culture and the quality of life that the arts provide.

How to determine your price?
How much should you pay? Take a look at these categories and see where you are on the scale.

Solidarity Ticket—$45

I want to support the TNO’s fair ticketing system.
I favour having access to art and culture.   
I am aware of the financial issues regarding the performing arts and my budget allows me to pay more for my ticket.  

Regular Ticket—$30

My budget allows me to attend the theatre. 
I come to the theatre often.   

Economy Ticket—$15

I have a limited budget, I can afford to go to the theatre occasionally. 
I want to go to the theatre for the first time.
I am a member of the Association des auteures et auteurs de l’Ontario français and Théâtre Action.    

Theatre for all Ticket—$0 *

I have a tight budget, I can rarely afford to go to the theatre. 
I want to go to the theatre for the first time. 

*If you would like a $0 ticket, please write to Maxime at to request one.

We’d like to thank Théâtre Cercle Molière in Winnipeg who inspired this new ticketing formula. Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a member of the Coalition for Fair Ticketing, which brings together cultural organizations that wish to reflect on best practices for accessibility in ticketing in order to foster access to art and culture.

Pardon my French!

Our French-language theatre productions are accessible to francophiles and anglophones. Most of our adult shows are presented with English SURTITLESTM.


Gift Cards

Offering a TNO gift card is an original way to show your loved ones you care! Give them the opportunity to have a memorable theatrical experienceYour friends or relatives will thank youThey are available at the values of your choice.