March 20 – March 22

Malaise dans la civilisation

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Its not exactly a normal adult world. Are they chickens in a henhouse? Teenagers in a park? Children in an unsupervised classroom? Its all that, but never just that. Theyre individuals pondering out loud, in a philosophical yet absurd way. Its touching to watch people think, isnt it? 

A quartet arrives on stage like tourists, completely unaware of theatrical rules. With disarming ease, these creatures awkwardly explore the space, occupy themselves and cause accidents. Through their impulses and reflections, they build relationships, challenge each other and destabilize the spectators. Evolving within this theatrical vivarium, these captivating, vulnerable beings allow themselves to be observed shamelessly, venturing to the limits of social conventions, seemingly unaware.  

In this deconstructed form of theatre, which doesn’t rely on the usual dramatic structure, nothing seems to happen. Yet every action is orchestrated down to the minute. This sample of raw humanity gradually transforms the empty space of the stage into an absurd, grotesque universe brimming with possibilities. The flaws and whims of these four buffoons throw the audience into fits of laughter, flashes of lucidity and moments of uneasiness. Filled with surprises, this unconventional play conceals masterful craft behind a cloak of casualness.

Theatre as unexpected as it is entertaining
Contemporary Freudian theatre 
Theatre that shakes up the audience, speaks to them and challenges them
Theatre that explores humanity’s enigmatic behaviours

Location: La Grande Salle, Place des Arts
Duration: 60 minutes, without intermission
Spokesperson: Christian Pelletier, graphic designer and community artistic director


  • Text
    • Étienne Lepage
  • Directors
    • Alix Dufresne
    • Étienne Lepage
  • Set and Costume Design
    • Odile Gamache
  • Lighting
    • Leticia Hamaoui
  • Music
    • Robert Marcel Lepage
  • Technical Direction, Lighting Design assistance, and Stage Management
    • Ariane Roy
  • Cast
    • Jon Lachlan Stewart
    • Alice Moreault
    • Maxime Genois
    • Debbie Lynch-White
A Production by

The TNO wishes to acknowledge Les Voyagements – Théâtre de création for the post show Q&A, a mediation activity presented thanks to their support.

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