April 26 – April 27

ODE ou la vie après avoir regardé le soleil dans le blanc des yeux

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An intimate and exuberant last-chance party, where heaviness and lightness merrily intertwine. An ode to the strength of friendship and solidarity, to the excess and folly required to resist fear and cynicism. 

Visionaries are announcing that the Moon has fallen out of its orbit and is heading straight for Earth, where it will crash in twenty-four hours. A rebellious pack of friends organizes a party celebrating the end, in the hope of short-circuiting the inevitable. As the night stretches on, all dreams and excesses are permitted. If, at first, the ritual was just a game, doubts gradually creep in… What if tomorrow really is the end? In an era tinged with cynicism and individualistic withdrawal, ODE, a choral and carnivalesque work, draws on the strength of solidarity, excess and the symbolic power of celebration as weapons to resist fear and despair.

Poetic theatre for those who love life
Unique, immersive Franco-Ontarian theatre
Celebrating the collective: theatre that fosters a sense of community.

Location: Le Studio Desjardins, Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury
Duration: 100 minutes, without intermission
Spokesperson: denise truax, publishing director and theatre lover

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  • Text
    • Antoine Côté Legault
  • Directors
    • Antoine Côté Legault
    • Lisa L'Heureux
  • Dramaturg
    • Lisa L'Heureux
  • Set Design
    • John Doucet
    • Marie-Pierre Proulx
  • Lighting Design
    • Tristan-Olivier Breiding
  • Sound Designer and Live Musician
    • Martin Dawagne
  • Stage Manager
    • Pascale Courville
  • Set Design Intern
    • Karalee Stevens
  • Production Management Intern
    • Amélie Duguay
  • Cast
    • David Bélizaire
    • Virginie Charland
    • Elaine Juteau
    • Caroline Lefebvre
    • Chloé Thériault
A Coproduction by

The TNO wishes to equally acknowledge Les Voyagements – Théâtre de création for the post show Q&A, a mediation activity presented thanks to their support.


ODE ou la vie après avoir regardé le soleil dans le blanc des yeux

A production by Théâtre Rouge Écarlate and La Bibitte in collaboration with Théâtre Catapulte

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