Le Club des éphémères (2019-2020 and 2021-2022)

In-house production

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a francophone theatre production company. All of our productions are presented in French, however, some shows feature English Surtitles™ so that more people can experience French theatre! We apologize, but not all content on this site is available in English.


Five residents in a retirement home are being interviewed for a documentary on the dreadful swarms of Lake Nipissing shadflies ― called éphémères in French ― that engulf North Bay every summer. These ladies find the request disappointing. They would much rather discuss a topic dear to their hearts: the Dionne quintuplets. Gamely, they share their memories for the camera, but in so doing, each of them ends up revealing a sordid page of her past. Tender, yet stinging, this dramatic comedy reminds us that life is… ephemeral.

Location: Salle Trisac, Collège Boréal

LENGTH: 1 hour 25 min.


  • Author
    • Alain Doom
  • Dramaturg
    • Joël Beddows
  • Director
    • Dillon Orr
  • Set Design
    • Marie-Pierre Proulx
  • Costumes
    • Melanie McNeill
  • Direction Assistant
    • Jeff Soucy
  • Stage Manager
    • Céline Lepage
  • Cast
    • Esther Beauchemin
    • Hélène Dallaire
    • Marie-Hélène Fontaine
    • Geneviève Langlois
    • Diane Losier
  • Sound Design
    • Daniel Bédard
  • Lighting Design
    • Michael Brunet
  • Production Manager
    • Natalie Gisele
    • Christina Leblanc-McHenry
  • Technical Direction (creation)
    • Ivan Pitre
  • Lighting Design &Technical Direction
    • Michael Brunet
  • Soundscape
    • Daniel Bédard
  • Wigs
    • Alice Norton
  • Head Seamstress
    • Farnoosh Talebpour
  • Set Builder
    • Chris Shelswell
  • Set Design Intern
    • Gabrielle Noël de Tilly
  • Direction Intern
    • Simon Paquette
  • Set Design Assistant
    • Juliette Tardit Wagner
  • Surtitles
    • Nina Okens(translation)
    • Michel Laforge (Operations)
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