October 26

26 lettres à danser

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Youth series – 4 years and older

Enter a landscape of alphabetical amazement!

In this marvelous world of movement, letters and words are dancing friends. The hip-hop frog, the match-stick man, the karateka and countless others spring into action as excitingly dramatic music makes the entire alphabet come alive. Young spectators help to compose marvelous choreographies. This kaleidoscopic performance is so amazingly inventive that even parents spring to their feet to applaud with glee.


  • Ideation, Director and Choreography
    • Hélène Langevin
  • Director of rehearsals and choreography
    • Jean-François Légaré
  • Interprets
    • Ariane Boulet
    • Joannie Douville
    • Alexandre Parenteau
    • Georges-Nicolas Tremblay
  • Guest Choreographers
    • Caroline Laurin-Beaucage
    • Menka Nagrani
    • Manuel Roque
  • Costume Designer
    • Marilène Bastien
  • Music
    • Bernard Falaise
  • Set Designer
    • Richard Lacroix
  • Lighting
    • Caroline Ross
  • Makeup
    • Suzanne Trépanier
  • Dramaturgy Advisor
    • Claudine Robillard
  • Technical Director
    • Martin Lepage
  • Production Manager
    • Catherine Comeau
  • Dancers who participated in the choreographic research
    • Élise Bergeron
    • Mark Medrano
    • Erin O'Loughlin
    • Gabrielle Surprenant Lacasse
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26 lettres à danser

A production by Bouge de là

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