As is (tel quel)

In-house production

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a francophone theatre production company. All of our productions are presented in French, however, some shows feature English Surtitles™ so that more people can experience French theatre! We apologize, but not all content on this site is available in English.


You are here. In the dimly-lit, overstuffed basement of a community thrift shop. The newly hired store clerk is a philosophy student, a budding intellectual. In this microcosm of society with its unspoken rules and oppressive power relationships, he chafes against injustice and wants change.

With a cast of colourful and comical characters, this production turns musical comedy on its head as it bitingly tackles the folly of overconsumption, the dark undertones of charity and the troubles spirit of our times.



  • Author
    • Simon Boudreault
  • Director
    • Hélène Dallaire
  • Community Cast
    • Justin Bélanger
    • Maude Bourassa Francoeur
    • Marie-Josée Charrier
    • Marc Huneault
    • Micheal Lemire
    • Daniel Robillard
    • Suzanne Rondeau
    • Mélanie Tremblay
  • Lighting and Set Designer
    • Brian Côté
  • Sound Designer
    • Jacques Grylls
  • Costume Designer
    • Denys Tremblay
  • Choreographer
    • Darquise Lauzon
  • Stage Manager
    • Christina Leblanc-McHenry
  • Production Manager
    • Scott Florence
  • Production Assistant
    • Pascale Lemay
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