May 13 – May 15

Dans le bleu

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Enter a landscape of intimate immensity!

Magali is crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat with three other crew members. There are moments of ecstasy at the spectacle of punk-like medusas, phosphorescent plankton, dolphins in the moonlight and swimmers awash in infinity. But the vast restless sea also brings physical challenges, emotional turmoil, romantic complications, moments of doubt, fits of frenzy and encounters that pain or soothe the soul. This autobiographical one-woman show invites lovers of nature and adventure to embrace the horizon, where one goes to lose and find oneself.


  • Playwright and Interpretation
    • Magali Lemèle
  • Director
    • Gabriel Plante
  • Assistant to the Director and the Stage Manager
    • Laurent Forget
  • Set Designer
    • Mélanie Myers
  • Lighting
    • Michael Brunet
  • Sound Designer
    • Frédéric Auger
  • Costume Designer
    • Normand Thériault
Une production du


Dans le bleu

A production by Théâtre français du Centre national des Arts et Théâtre de l'île

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