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You are here. Where values and worldviews collide. Since childhood, Lou and Aude are inseparable friends. One is a civil engineer; the other, a journalist and active feminist. When Aude learns that her unborn child has Down syndrome, she rushes to Lou’s side, hoping to find comfort and support.

Over the course of a crucial evening, their beliefs will be put to the test. What is the meaning of success for women today? By turns biting and poignant, their discussion becomes a celebration of the freedom to choose and the will to live life on one’s own terms.

70 minutes


  • Playwright
    • Rebecca Déraspe 
  • Director
    • Sophie Cadieux 
  • Assistant to the Director
    • Emanuelle Kirouac-Sanche
  • Featuring
    • Dominique Leclerc
    • Milva Ménard
  • Set Designer and Costumes
    • Elen Ewing
  • Soundscape
    •  DJ Ghislain Poirier 
  • Lighting
    • Marie-Aube St-Amant Duplessis
    • Nina Okens
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