The Incredible Lightness Of Luc L.

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You are here. Where three guys from New-Brunswick are meeting up. They were born just kilometres away from each other: same schools, same arenas, same university, same summer job at the local Acadian tourist attraction. They came of age in this harsh environment and now, they have all become artists.

What has made them who they are? Can they overcome their differences and understand one another? In the third instalment of a series of acclaimed plays, Philippe Soldevila brushes their heartwarming portrait with deft strokes of levity, gravity and humanity.

95 minutes


  • Playwrights and Original Idea
    • Philippe Soldevila
    • Christian Essiambre
    • Pierre Guy Blanchard
    • Luc LeBlanc
  • Director
    • Philippe Soldevila
  • Featuring
    • Christian Essiambre
    • Pierre Guy Blanchard
    • Luc LeBlanc
  • Creative Assistant
    • Émile Beauchemin
  • Lighting
    • Marc Paulin
  • Music
    • Pierre Guy Blanchard
  • Artistic Collaborator
    • Christian Fontaine
    • Nina Okens
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