May 12 – May 14

Manman la mer

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a francophone theatre production company. All of our productions are presented in French, however, some shows feature English Surtitles™ so that more people can experience French theatre! We apologize, but not all content on this site is available in English.


Marjolaine has a gift. In her dreams she sees future events. It is a gift that her mother represses because she wants to distance herself from the beliefs of their Haitian past. But when Marjolaine comes down with a mysterious incurable disease, her only remaining hope is to travel to Haiti to be cared for by her grandmother. Is Manman la Mè a midwife, a mystic, or simply a loving elder?

Krick? Yié krick! A charismatic storyteller weaves Haitian oral tradition, true life experience and light-hearted moments into an engaging first-person narrative that explores Haitian spirituality and the mother-daughter relationship.

Location: Grande Salle

LENGTH: 60 minutes


  • Author and Performer
    • Djennie Laguerre
  • Director and Scenography
    • Kamana Ntibarikure
  • Music and Creation Advisor
    • Sara Rénélik
  • Movement
    • Emilie Jabouin
  • Musical Composition and Sound
    • Elena Stoodley
  • Lights and Video Projection
    • Shawn Henry
  • Costumes
    • Isabelle Bélisle
  • Assistant Director and Stage Manager (Creation)
    • Katie Rochford
  • Production Manager (Creation) and English Surtitles
    • Kyle Ahluwalia
  • Set Design Consultant and Builder
    • Benoît Brunet-Poirier
  • Rehearsal Coach 2022
    • Danielle Le Saux-Famer
  • Tour Stage Manager (Sudbury)
    • Lani Martel
  • Tour Technical Advice
    • Tristan-Olivier Breiding
  • Tour Technical Director
    • Guillaum Houët
  • Traditional song interpretation (Nan Lakou A)
    • Ferline Regis
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