November 23

Mon Petit Prince

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Youth series – 8 years and older

Enter a landscape of uplifting solace!

Claudelle is a girl who collects hummingbird feathers and baby mushrooms. But what she loves most is the best book of all, Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. A year ago, her mom went away to live in the starry sky and her dad, a bush pilot, has no wind under his wings. Could her favourite book be of help? Could such a wonderful story be true in real life? With wisdom and kindness, this tenderly sentimental play teaches young and old alike that despite life’s sorrows, the world is still a beautiful place when a good book tells you where to look.


  • Playwright
    • Marie-Josée Bastien
    • Anne-Marie Olivier
  • Dramaturgical Advice and Artistic Direction
    • Carole Cassistat
    • Jacques Laroche
  • Director
    • Marie-Josée Bastien
  • Interpretation
    • Chantal Dupuis
    • Marie-Pier Lagacé
    • Pierre-Luc Desilets
  • Set Designer
    • Marie-Renée Bourget Harvey
  • Music and Original Songs
    • Stéphane Caron
  • Child's Voice
    • Alice Caron
  • Lighting and Stage Manager
    • Cyril Bussy
  • Assistant to the Director
    • Alexandrine Warren
A Production From


Mon Petit Prince

A production by Théâtre du Gros Mécano & Théâtre de la petite marée

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