February 9 – February 11

Mononk Jules

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Mononk Jules, a documentary theatre performance and literary essay, picks up some of the pieces of the little-known history of Indigenous people, a history that has never been taught. Jocelyn Sioui pulls at the threads of the story of Jules Sioui, his great-uncle, one of the greatest Indigenous heroes of the 20th century, whose legend has faded into oblivion. His fight will lead him to the point of sacrifice: a hunger strike to obtain true independence for Indigenous people. Surrounded by screens and animated models, Jocelyn Sioui takes us on a deep dive through a box of archives from which we emerge forever changed.

Location: Grande Salle, Place des Arts
Duration : 2 hours, no intermission


  • Author, Performer, Puppeteer and Director
    • Jocelyn Sioui
  • Assistant Director
    • Ariane Roy
  • Stage Manager (sound and light) and Technical Director
    • Achille Martineau
  • Stage Manager (video) and Technical Co-Director
    • Joshua Patoine
  • Set Design, Puppet Design & Props
    • Mélanie Baillairgé
  • Video Design
    • Gaspard Philippe
  • Sound Design and Composition
    • Luzio Altobelli
  • Narration & Voice-Over
    • Éric Desjardins
  • Lighting Design
    • Mathieu Marcil
Produced by

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