Nickel City Fifs

In-house production

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One night at Zigs, Sudbury’s gay bar, a young queer thirsting for freedom and community experiences an initiatory journey unlike any other. Under the auspices of Holy Poetry, the crater’s patron goddess, the bar’s colourful fauna introduces him to their magical world by inviting him into eclectic, explosive, and absurd worlds. Will they be able to convince him to join them or will they lose him to the siren song of the big city?

Guided by a desire to make theatre queerer, Nickel City Fifs pays tribute to the struggles of the past and present in an atmosphere that is at once campy, fantastical, irreverent, vulgar, caustic, demanding, and a tad disturbing in parts. A love letter to the region’s queer and francophone communities, this Sudbury epic showcases a voice rarely heard in French Ontario, let alone here in the North.

Location: Zigs Bar, 54 Elgin Street, Sudbury
Viewer discretion is advised


Relevant information to know
  • Under 19 years old? You are still invited for the play. We will provide you with a wristband to wear and you must leave the bar at the end of the show, once it is upon to the public.
  • We will be checking IDs at the door.
  • There will be drinks sold before and after the show, but not during.
  • Since Zigs Bar is in a basement, the flight of stairs to get there may be a challenge if you are a person who lives with limited mobility.


Proceeds from the box office for this show will be donated to Réseau Access Network for their gender-affirming services.


  • Script
    • Alex Tétreault
  • Director
    • Alex Tétreault
  • Dramaturgical Consultants
    • Miriam Cusson
    • Isabelle Kirouac-Massicotte
  • Cast
    • Ryan Demers-Lafrenière
    • Michel Gervais
    • Natalie Lalonde
    • Simon Rys-Landry
    • ER Simbagoye
  • Stage Manager
    • Céline Lepage
  • Set Designer
    • Ra'anaa Yaminah Ekundayo
  • Lighting
    • Ra'anaa Yaminah Ekundayo
  • Sound Design
    • Michel Laforge
  • Music
    • Shawn Kosmerly
    • Michel Laforge
  • Costumes and Accessories
    • Céline Lepage
  • Production Manager
    • France Huot
  • Mentor to the Production Manager
    • Natalie Gisèle
  • Technician
    • Matteo DeSimone
  • Artistic Direction
    • Marie-Pierre Proulx
    • Dillon Orr
    • Alex Tétreault
  • Image Design
    • Matti Lehtelä
A Coproduction by
We have a Q&A session BEFORE the Friday show!
What is it?
An informal gathering discussing the creation process of the play.
Who will be there?
The audience members and the author and director, Alex Tétreault.
When is it?
This Friday, June 23 at 6 pm.
Where is it ?
Books and Beans, at 158 Elgin St (not even a 5 minute walk from Zig’s)
Places are limited! Please reserve your free spot as of now!

Ryan Demers-Lafrenière


Michel Gervais


Natalie Lalonde


Simon-Rys Landry


ER Simbagoye


Céline Lepage

Stage Manager, Costumes and Accessories

Ra’anaa Yaminah Ekundayo

Set Designer and Lighting

Michel Laforge

Sound Design and Music

Shawn Kosmerly


France Huot

Production Manager

Message from the Director

Welcome to Zigs Bar, the great temple of Sudbury queerness!

For more than 25 years, this sacred space where nothing is sacred has welcomed generations of queers in search of community. In this underground Eden, we, the congregation of social rejects, are free to explore and discover ourselves, far away from crushing norms.

When things go to shit, we don’t dwell in our collective sadness and pain. On the contrary, we lick our wounds, crank up the sound system, and fucking party! Faced with the hate and violence of the world, joy is a revolutionary act, an act of rebellion. That’s the beauty of queerness.

Queerness doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s about living authentically and no longer silencing a part of yourself. It’s about giving the finger to the majority, not bending over backwards to satisfy it. It’s about retaking control of your destiny, forging your own path ahead. It’s about realizing the importance of living your best life. It’s about celebrating life, for yourself and for those who can’t.

Don’t fear change; instead, look it straight in the eyes and embrace it! With tongue! Leave all your preconceived ideas outside and let’s together dream of a beautiful, rainbow-coloured future for all.

– Alex Tétreault

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We’d also like to acknowledge and thank our show partners: the Fondation franco-ontarienne, Zigs Bar and Sudbury Pride.


Nickel City Fifs

A production by Alex Tétreault and the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario

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