April 22

TOQAQ MECIMI PUWIHT/Delphine rêve toujours

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Without the beating drum, words do not exist.

Delphine is a young Wolastoqey (Maliseet) girl, with a head full of dreams and a fierce determination. Since her father lost the drum of his deceased muhsums, Delphine has been dead set on finding it at all costs. One autumn day, as the wind picks up, Delphine is transported to the world of the forest spirits. There she meets the mischievous porcupine, the opera-singing owl, and Kiwahq, the terrible beast with a heart of ice! Will she manage to overcome the challenges of the forest to find her drum?

With his play TOQAQ MECIMI PUWIHT / Delphine rêve toujours, Wolastoqey playwright Dave Jenniss addresses the themes of transmission and identity and reclaims the language of his ancestors in order to make it resonate. This bilingual show in French and Wolastoqey is performed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

Ondinnok and La Vieille 17 are honoured to be able to create in Tio’Ta:ke and Odawa, magnificent territories where the Kanien’kehà:ka and Algonquin Anishinabe peoples have walked, dreamed and lived for millennia. Miigwetch! Nià:wen! Thank you!

Other relevant information

Location: Grande Salle, Place des Arts
45 minutes
5 to 9 years old



  • Playwright
    • Dave Jenniss
  • Staging
    • Milena Buziak
  • Actors
    • Marie-Pier Chamberland
    • Geneviève D’Ortun
    • Christian Pilon
    • Emily Marie Séguin
  • Set and Lighting Designer
    • Emilio Sebastiao
  • Sound Environment
    • Marie-Hélène Massy Emond
  • Musical Composition
    • Marie-Hélène Massy Emond
    • Emily Marie Séguin
  • Musical Interpretation
    • Emily Marie Séguin
    • Geneviève D’Ortun
  • Costume Designer
    • Samantha McCue
  • Sewing
    • Mylène Ménard
  • Stage Manager
    • Alexie Madore Charron
  • Production Director
    • Pascale Lemay
  • Technical Director and Tour Technician
    • Alexandra Gendron
  • Artistic Director
    • Geneviève Pineault
    • Dave Jenniss
Produced by

Dave Jenniss

Playwright and Artistic Director

Marie-Pier Chamberland


Geneviève D’Ortun

Actor and Musical Interpretation

Christian Pilon


Emily Marie Séguin

Actor, Musical Composition and Musical Interpretation

Aboriginal Art and Stories Workshop

Do you know the native legends that speak of the origin of dancing, singing and drumming? In collaboration with the Carrefour francophone, we are offering a workshop to discover this traditional culture after the play TOQAQ MECIMI PUWIHT/Delphine rêve toujours. The workshop will be followed by a coloring session, during which the animator and the children will have a moment of relaxed exchange, in order to explore these legends together.

This workshop is free. However, you must register.

  • April 22nd at 12 pm
  • La Zone, Place des Arts

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TOQAQ MECIMI PUWIHT/Delphine rêve toujours

A production by Ondinnok and Théâtre de la Vieille 17

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