Un. Deux. Trois.

In-house production

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is a francophone theatre production company. All of our productions are presented in French, however, some shows feature English Surtitles™ so that more people can experience French theatre! We apologize, but not all content on this site is available in English.


ONE. TWO. THREE. is 40 artists from across Canada, Indigenous, non-Indigenous and Métis, all Francophones. Co-creators staging their lived experiences, ideas, aspirations and frustrations to question what constitutes us, divides us, and unites us. A show that dares to go beyond speeches, signs, rhetoric and empty phrases, to go out and meet audiences from Vancouver to Moncton, via Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Caraquet and Sudbury.

Location: Grande Salle, Place des Arts

Duration: 4h15


  • Text and Direction
    • Mani Soleymanlou in collaboration with the performers
  • Distribution
    • Mani Soleymanlou
    • Emmanuel Schwartz
    • Caroline Bélisle
    • Florence Brunet
    • Jean Marc Dalpé
    • Ziad Ek
    • Nadia Girard Eddahia
    • Israël Gamache
    • Cory Haas
    • Marie-Ève Fontaine
    • France Huot
    • Moriana Kachmarsky
    • John Gislain Kibaga
    • Anna-Laure Koop
    • Danielle Le Saux-Farmer
    • Jean-Christophe Leblanc
    • Lionel Lehouillier
    • Carla Mezquita Honhon
    • Meilie Ng
    • Dillon Orr
    • Anaïs Pellin
    • France Perras
    • Dominique Pétin
    • Chloé Petit
    • Eric Plamondon
    • Marco Poulin
    • Caroline Raynaud
    • Gabriel Robichaud
    • Marie-Madeleine Sarr
    • Manon St-Jules
    • Ines Talbi
    • Elkahna Talbi
    • Chloé Thériault
    • Xavier Yuvens
    • Jean-Charles Weka
    • Anais West
  • Direction Assistant and Stage Management
    • Jean Gaudreau
  • Lighting
    • Erwann Bernard
    • Martin Sirois
  • Soundscape
    • Larsen Lupin
  • Codirection of UN, and Artistic Consultant on DEUX
    • Alice Ronfard
  • Direction Intern
    • Margarita Herrera Domínguez
  • Scripts
    • Sophie Gemme
    • Chloé Gagné Dion
  • Technical Direction
    • Audrey Janelle
    • Chantal Labonté
  • Tour Coordinator
    • Charlotte Ménard
  • Translation and Surtitles
    • Cory Haas
  • Production Coordinator
    • Laëtitia Fabaron
  • Delegated Production
    • Vanessa Beaupré
  • Executive Producer
    • Xavier Inchauspé
Une production de


Un. Deux. Trois.

A production by Orange Noyée in partnership with the National Arts Centre French Theatre, the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, the Théâtre français de Toronto, Duceppe, the Théâtre du Trident, the Théâtre l’Escaouette, the Théâtre populaire d’Acadie, the Théâtre la Seizième, the Théâtre Cercle Molière.

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